Monday, February 19, 2018

Rustler's Bride

Rustler's BrideTexas in 1873 is no place for a woman alone, especially a beautiful, unattached woman with clear title to a prime piece of cattle land. It's also no place for a man with a price on his head, seeking justice for an unspeakable crime, as well as his own redemption. When Martha MacLannon meets Jake Bowman, she recognizes him as the man she's waited for all her life, but his offer to help her save her ranch for a cut of the profits doesn't sound like the offer of a man who means to stay. Jake yearns for Martha's healing love, but knows his mission in Travis County will likely cost him his own life. Jake's past comes back with a vengence, placing them both in danger. Can Jake save Martha and the life they hope to build together?

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